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#EndSARS: Anonymous hacks First Bank website



Anonymous, an online network known for launching cyberattacks against government institutions, has hacked the website of First Bank of Nigeria Limited.

A visit to the bank’s website at 01:30pm showed that it was brought down.

Anonymous, however, said it would restore the website after it “keep it down for some time”.

When our correspondent visited the site again at 03:26pm, it was discovered that the site had been restored.

In a string of tweets, Anonymous confirmed bringing down the bank’s website while alleging, amongst others, that the bank instructed its staff not to join the #EndSARS campaign.

It stated, “Now #ENDSARSOPPRESSION Official website of First Banks Nigeria has been taken #Offline.

“We #Anonymous have taken-down your website in support of #EndSARS

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    October 20, 2020 at 7:46 pm

    This is time for a revolution I belief in the people with one mind,one aim we will achive our goal by making Nigeria a better place for not only the Inhabitants and also for immigrants and tourist. Nigeria will be the Canada every young person is wishing to come if only our leaders could stand up and say No I mean absolute Nooo to briberyand corruption and do the right thing.they (Government) has been talking about vision 2020 good roads, constant electricity, employment here we are….The Great vision 2020 has come ,Even to an end and we can’t account for any achievement instead its being worst than before.without the aforementioned,to cure Nigerian from this malady it will take a century.God bless Nigeria.

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