Don’t Consider Traveling To Nigeria – Australian Government Warns Citizens Over Terrorism, Kidnapping, Flooding

Because of the flooding and instability that have wreaked havoc in some areas of Nigeria, the Australian government has issued a travel advisory to its people.

According to the consulate, Nigeria’s overall risk of terrorism, kidnapping, criminality, and civil instability is still very high.

A travel warning posted on the consulate’s website on Wednesday informed Australians of this.

They warned the populace that, should the necessity arise, they should explore travel options and seek expert security guidance and support before traveling to Nigeria.

Due to the possibility of terrorist attacks and kidnappings, the Australian government listed a number of states in the nation that its nationals should avoid, including Abuja and its surroundings. outlined recommendations for what to do in the aforementioned states (locations).

The consulate however, advised that its citizens should consider leaving immediately or get professional security advice as their travel policy might be void.

The statement reads; “There have been significant casualties and widespread damage to infrastructure caused by severe flooding. Essential services may be disrupted. Follow the advice of local authorities and check the media for updates.

“The potential for terrorism, kidnapping, crime and civil unrest remains high throughout Nigeria.

“Reconsider your need to travel to Nigeria overall, including the capital Abuja and surrounding areas, due to high threats of terrorist attack and kidnapping, the volatile security situation, possible violent civil unrest and high levels of violent crime.

“Do not travel to Adamawa, Anambra, Akawa Ibom, Bauchi, Bayelsa, Borno, Cross Rivers, Delta, Gombe, Imo, Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Niger, Plateau, Rivers, Sokoto, Taraba, Yobe and Zamfara States.”

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