Dispute erupts as Mohbad’s relatives plot to seize his assets from his wife

In a video making the rounds on social media, an elderly man who is supposedly a family member was captured saying...

Following the death of singer Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba aka Mohbad, videos have emerged of family members of the deceased trying to seize the late singer’s properties from his wife, Omowunmi.

In a video making the rounds on social media, an elderly man who is supposedly a family member was captured saying the singer’s wife should not be trusted.

“The unfortunate incident has happened, and there’s nothing we can do about it. However, this should be a lesson for everyone present here. You have to stay focused and don’t trust the wife; may God comfort you all,” the man said.


A group of boys was also captured towards the end of the video with plans to forcefully take over Mohbad’s properties from his wife.

In another video, another woman was captured accusing Omowunmi of poor burial arrangements.

She said, “This is to show the world what the wife did; that’s the reason we brought him here.” A voice was captured at the end of the video saying, “For someone who used gold jewelry (when he was alive), see where he was buried.”

This woman dey talk about Mohbad wife pic.twitter.com/ybnO1KKdDy

— PB (@pbtips_) September 13, 2023

Social media users have reacted to the trending video.


This is wickedness.

Mohbad hasn’t been buried they are already scheming on taking everything from his wife.
Police should arrest all of them.

@Adekbolaji said, “How many times have we seen this play out? Man dies, family says the wife has a hand in his death as a pretext to take his properties. If Mohbad had died at this stage of his life as in this picture, would they have accused her of anything? Now he’s well to do but the wife is behind it.”

@AbiolaO_ tweeted, “Mohbad knew the people around him were part of his struggle and I’m sure that’s why he kept insisting for his wife & child to relocate. Because imagine what’s going on rn with burial. Sigh”

@Auntyadaa said, “Wow! They are already plotting to take everything from the late Mohbad’s wife!! I really hope she has people to help and guide her through this journey”

@Iyo_nur said, “I hope Mohbad’s wife has a strong support system and people who have power because ha, they are about to show her hell.”

@Emperordotman tweeted, “This is why you should plan for your kids and spouse cos nobody knows when…look at them, already scheming out the wife and finding a way to get his properties.. I just hope he(Mohbad) had planned for it..”

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