“Call the government to arrest him” — Mother says as her son buys Benz with no source of income

Nigerian mother implores the government to arrest her jobless son who bought a brand new Benz worry $50, 000.

The mother who was with the father at the time of the interview claims her son had just finished secondary school and had no proper means of income.

This was what led to her confusion on how he could afford to buy such expensive automobile.

Many Netizens have commended her for her actions as they believe that is what a good mother should be.

Some reactions to the post

win_inigbo_ka asked: “How did he get that money to buy car after just secondary school…. she is fearing for his life”

kayt_pieters wrote: “She’s the kind of a person who demolishes factories to build churches so they can pray for jobs 😩”

ije_dinma noted: “What if he is a kidnapper? The mother is 100% right to question and him.”

prosper_sonax opined: “This mother is not a mother oh”

elango_julie_ commented: “That mom is a great mom. Some other people will be jumping for joy and bragging to their friends.
Tell mom where you got the money and he’s a minor”

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