Buhari’s Aide, Onochie Warns APC Members To Stop Repeating Tinubu’s Angry Words

Members of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) have been urged by President Muhammadu Buhari’s adviser, Lauretta Onochie, to refrain from reiterating some venomous remarks made by the party’s presidential candidate while he was running for office.

Repeating those statements, according to Onochie, keeps the wounds open since so many people are in pain.

She claimed that because Buhari advised him to be gracious in victory, Tinubu himself had begun reaching out to those who ran on his ticket.

It would be childish of them, according to Onochie, to keep using those remarks and aggravating the wounds.

She urged party supporters to get past the times when the party was severely fractured along the lines of several aspirants, stating that “we need everyone to come on board.”

Her words: “When President Buhari said the aspirant who wins the presidential candidacy of APC must be magnanimous in victory, Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu took him seriously and reached out to those who ran with him in the Presidential Primary race. He reached out to them.

“We too must act as adults if we are going to win everyone back. It’s not right to keep repeating those words said in anger by our leader, Asiwaju. This is because many of our people are still hurting. It’s childish on our part, to keep throwing those words around and keeping the wounds still fresh.

“Let’s move on from those days when the camp was balkanised along lines of different aspirants. We need EVERYONE OF OUR PEOPLE TO COME ON BOARD. Some are reluctant because we are still throwing those words in their faces, constantly.

“Like our leader, Asiwaju himself has done, reaching out to those he defeated, let’s be magnanimous in victory by reaching out in a matured way to everyone we know.

“That’s what I’ve been doing, anyway. The result has been amazing. Together, we will win.”

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