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Bauchi To Conduct Headcount Of Commercial Sex Workers

The government of Bauchi state has said it will conduct a headcount of commercial sex workers in the state in order to have an accurate number of them.

This was revealed by Aminu Balarabe-Isah, the state Permanent Commissioner in charge of Hisbah and Sharia implementation. He made this known yesterday in Bauchi during a sensitisation workshop organised for commercial sex workers in the state.

He then said the state would use the information gotten from the headcount to discourage the commercial sex workers from continuing in their ‘dangerous’ trade.

He then said the state would help them with capital to start small scale businesses and also organise empowerment programmes for them.

He further explained that his agency has conducted investigations into why they engage in such act, and investigation has shown that most of the commercial sex workers do so because of illiteracy, poverty and maltreatment meted on them by their step-mothers.

He also said family conflict is a big factor of why people take to prostitution. He said the state would ensure that the sex workers are reunited with their parents and families.

Finally, he explained that the state would organise mass marriages for those who get serious suitors.

One of the commercial sex workers, Hafsatu Azare who spoke on behalf of the others said they were willing to quit the trade if they would be empowered by the government. She described their condition as pathetic.

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