Are you looking to Grow Your Natural Hair or Worried about Itchy Scalp? Cocosheen is Here for You!

If you are looking for an affordable hair conditioner to boost your natural hair, and to take care of itchy scalp, Cocosheen is just perfect for you.

Cocosheen was a notable hair conditioner in the 80s and it is back and even better now. The product is now available in the market. It officially hit the market on Tuesday 6th of April and our sales team has touched down at key locations in Lagos. For days, product activation has been ongoing in strategic locations in Lagos.

For instance, if you stay around the most commercial parts of Lagos like Ikotun, Ojota, Iyana Ipaja, Idumota, and the likes, you probably would have seen some beautiful and handsome faces in red or black T-shirts bearing the inscription “eagerly adopted by beautiful people” on the back. They are our sales team and if you have not seen them yet stay cool, we will be in your neighborhood soon.

The truth is that people of the “Soro Soke” generation (People born in the late 90s) may not know the product except for those whose parents were part of this early generation. Cocosheen is back and this time, it is one of the best-selling hair solutions for natural hair.

Back in the 80s, Cocosheen was a notable hair conditioner to reckon with and the quality that endeared it to the public was the alluring fragrance they get whenever they apply it to their hair. Now, whether male or female, so long as you crave natural hair, there are even more reasons for you to love Cocosheen.

Cocosheen is back and uniquely made to help people of both genders solve the itching of the scalp problem. Not just that, a lot of people have been buying the product because it has proven to be a good natural hair conditioner. This is because It helps nourish and soften the hair from root to tip.
The product has been redesigned in terms of quality and look to suit the current vogue. For instance, depending on your preference, you can get Cocosheen in two variants.

There is Cocosheen Hair Conditioner that comes in the RED PACK. The special ingredient of this variant is that it contains special oil which helps consumers create a refreshing fragrance as well as keeps the hair soft, shining, and easily manageable.

For the Cocosheen Hair and Scalp Nourishment which comes with the GOLD PACK, it is a more value package at a lesser rate for consumers. The Cocosheen Hair and Scalp Nourishment contain special hair food like oil and menthol freshness. What this does to the hair is to help create a soothing dry, itch-free scalp while bringing a shining look to your natural hair.

Cocosheen is affordable and it is produced by an indigenous company, Abel Sell Limited (Producers of Frizz Water and other range of products). So, if you place real value on your hair or you are looking for something affordable and effective to help boost your natural hair, Cocosheen might be the best product you need right now.

For product updates and more information, check us out on Instagram @cocosheenng or chat directly on WhatsApp +2348052201997

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