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Alhaji Suleiman Adeshina “Jafo Authority” gets Kingmakers nod as new Oniba of Iba

The announcement of the demise of Lagos First-class monarch, The Oniba of Iba, Oba Goriola Yishau Oseni, who went to join his ancestors on the 25th of May 2020 after a successful 45 years reign after ascending the throne of his fore-fathers at age 31, threw the whole of Iba town into mourning, as they are yet to recover from the irreplaceable loss.

After his demise, the race of who occupies the highly coveted traditional stool is currently building up as two prominent branches of the ruling house in Iba; namely, the Oduntan ruling house who produce the late Oba Gorila Oseni and past 5 successive kings and the Idowu Balogun Branch of the Idomila ruling house.

The race to who occupies the throne is open as the court has stated it clearly that; the Idowu Balogun ruling house is to produce the next Oniba of Iba. Sources disclosed that; kingmakers have endorsed Popular Lagos transport boss and hospitality guru, Alhaji Suleiman Adeshina with the sobriquet Jafo Authority, ( Chairman NNAMORA) Lagos State Chapter.

“He is a top contender from the Idowu Balogun branch of the Idomila ruling house of Iba town. Indigents of Iba town have rallied their support as well as kingmakers who have thrown weight behind him to take the Awori kingdom to the next level with his administrative prowess.

Recall that years ago, there have been several litigations filed before the Federal High Court sitting in Lagos, over the eligibility of the Idowu Balogun branch of the Idomila ruling house as a credible and authentic member who can also nominate and produce kings.

According to Suit No. ID/134/2010, presided by Honourable Justice L.A Okunnu, the claimants; Alhaji Liadi Busari, Mr Sakiru Suberu, Mr Mojidi Obanla Asade, Nureni Laidi Busari and Joshua Arowolo against the defendant; Late Oba Goriola Oseni, regarding the eligibility of Idowu Balogun rulling house as being recognised in Iba town.

According to evidence gathered by the honourable court, as claimed by the claimant that; former Oniba Oba Ajiboye had two sons. The older was Idowu Balogun and the younger was Oduntan which later metamorphosed to the royal lineage in Iba. According to the claimants, they avered that; Idowu Balogun was never the son of Oba Ajiboye, rather he came to live in the royal household with Oba Ajiboye. They further claimed that he was a brother to Madam Taiwo Ogudeyi, married to the royal household. They also claimed Idowu Balogun’s original name was Idowu Ogundeyi. They claimed the legitimate son of Oba Ajiboye was Oduntan.
Oduntan’s three children were Orootam, Shonibare and Oseni who are the legitimate candidates to ascend the throne.

After several legal tussles between the two ruling houses, Justice Okunnu on the 3rd of July 2018, gave a judgement, pronouncing Idowu Balogun’s branch of the Idomila ruling house as a legitimate arm of the royal family. He bestowed them with equal rights and eligibility to present a candidate for Oniba stool. The judgement further barred the Oduntan arm of the ruling house from presenting a candidate after presenting past five successive Oba in Iba town.

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