2027: PDP Has Lost Its Steam – Bolaji Abdullahi

…Says 2027 is not looking good for Party in Kwara

The Former Minister of Youth Development and Sports, Mallam Bolaji has stated that it will be difficult for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to takeover power in 2027.

Abdullahi stated this in an exclusive interview with Sunday Punch.

He said the party has over time has lost its steam after losing power at national level in 2015.

His words: “I think the party over time lost its steam. The party dominated for so long with no real challenger before. Remember there was a time when a former chairman of the party, Chief Vincent Ogbulafor, said the PDP would rule for 60 years. At the time he was saying this, the PDP was so dominant that Nigeria was almost a one-party state.

“And because it was so dominant that it was the only channel to power, the internal competition, striving, and rivalry for party candidacy became so intense. Even those who were disgruntled and could not go to other parties had to stay in to cause trouble.”

“The PDP suffered internal contradiction for several years and it became weakened from within and at its weakest stage, the APC coalition came and upset us.”

According to him, the PDP was never designed to be an opposition party and that is why being in opposition for so long makes PDP look like it is gasping for air.

Speaking on outcome of 2023 general elections, Abdullahi said many people feel Atiku Abubakar would help the party regain power by winning presidential election.

“What also held the party together was the candidacy of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, as some believed that if we were able to win the 2023 election, it would be our rollback to power, but that didn’t happen. So, after the election, everybody is now picking the pieces and wondering what next to do.” He explained.

Abdullahi who contested for Senatorial seat in this year polls, says 2027 is not looking very good for PDP in Kwara State.

The Ilorin born Politician said the party needs reorganization to be in position to contest for power.

He said: ” The year, 2027, is still far away, and as I said earlier, a lot of work needs to be done whether at the state or national levels. A lot of things need to happen to reorganise the party and put it in a position where it can contest for power in 2027. But at the moment, I think the situation is not looking very good.”

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