2023: Ex- President Jonathan will return as Head of Interim Government– Pastor Prize Aluko

A famous Abuja-based Christian Minister, Dr. Prize Felix Aluko has made a shocking prophetic declaration that would see former President Goodluck Jonathan return to Aso Rock as the Head of an Interim National Government.

The return of the former president to Aso Rock, according to the Senior Pastor of the Resurrected Assembly (GROM), would be necessitated by the violent protest that would erupt after the general elections.

Dr. Aluko prophesized that the outcome of the general elections would be marred by controveries leading to mega protests in the country that would paved the way for the formation of an Interim National Government under the leadership of Goodluck Jonathan.

Since 2020, Pastor Prize has been consistent in his prophecy that former president Jonathan would return in 2023 as president of the country.

He had specifically prophesized that Jonathan will return to Aso Rock as president under the platform of the ruling All Progressives Congress(APC).

It would be noted that towards the build up to the 2023 presidential primaries, former president Jonathan was put under intense pressure by some influntial members of the APC to be the party’s presidential flag bearer for the 2023 elections.

Indeed, a group under the aegis of ‘Fulani group’ had purchased the N100 million nomination and expression of interest forms for ex-president Goodluck Jonathan.

This was followed by a group of protesters who stormed the Abuja private office of Jonathan, urging him to declare for the 2023 presidential race, under the platform of the APC.

The former president whose body language then was dancing towards the plan only buckled at the dying minutes of the exercise.

Preaching during a church programme,  the senior cleric said,  “The Lord showed me that after the election, there was confusion in Nigeria. Everywhere was dark. All the people that contested were not on the seat, I saw an interim government.

 “In the interim government, the person I saw was former president Goodluck Jonathan. I saw Jonathan as Head of Interim Government for two years, to bring peace and restore normalcy before another election.

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