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Yoruba Nation: Gani Adams Says Sunday Igboho’s Methods Are Wrong (Video)



The Aare Onakakanfo of Yoruba Land, Chief Gani Adams, has stated that majority of the tactics used by the self-proclaimed Yoruba Nation’s actualization fighter, Sunday Igboho, are incorrect.

In a video made available to DAILY POST on Wednesday, Gani Adams said this while speaking to a crowd.

Sunday Igboho, according to the Yoruba High Chief, had used more propaganda in the campaign for self-determination.

Adams criticized Igboho’s threat to reopen the borders forcibly, saying that assertions that 1,000 police officers would not return if they stormed his home were unfounded.

The Aare Onakakanfo expressed his concern with the fact that things that should be kept private were being shared on social media.

He did, however, call on Obas, governors, and Yoruba leaders to unite around Sunday Igboho and spare him from being slain.

His words: “I beg the Ooni of Ife, the Alake of Egba and all other Yoruba leaders. If a son offends his father, the father will forgive him. Let us unite to use another method for our liberation. We are not saying we should adopt Sunday Igboho’s method.

“Most of Sunday Igboho’s method are wrong. I told him that his methods are wrong. But God has used him on the agitation for Yoruba Nation. He has played his own role and he will still play more roles. We should not let him be killed or persecuted.

“As the Aare Onakakanfo, I am begging you. Assuming he and his followers had not insulted me before, you will say that is why I’m saying this. But a leader without the spirit of forgiveness is an enemy of God. I beg the governors too.

“Sunday Igboho should caution his talkative followers so that they won’t put him into trouble,” he said.

He recalled how he was put into trouble by OPC members years back, saying Sunday Igboho is now at that stage he left behind as a youth many years ago.

“You said you wanted to go and open border. That will be the beginning of war. You don’t need to say that. It will be counterproductive. You don’t have war materials, you were molesting the Army, counterproductive. You said if 1,000 policemen visited your house, hardly will 100 return. You don’t need all that. Propaganda should not be too much in self-determination.

“I beg all Yorubas, let’s rally round him and support him.

“At this position I am now, I can’t be jumping up and down like him. But any statement I issue is more powerful than that in 10 years. I sit on a strategic institution in the entire Yoruba and I must be conscious of my behaviours so that I will not disappoint the institution. The institution has been in existence in the past 500 years.

“Our youths, let’s be coordinated, let’s be strategic,” Gani Adams said, saying he stands with Yoruba Nation.

Adams promised to stand with Sunday Igboho, the same way some Yoruba leaders stood up for him during his ordeal in 2001.

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