Why I recently visited Obasanjo, Abdulsalami — Professor Imumolen, Accord presidential candidate

Accord presidential candidate, Professor Christopher Imumolen has defended his recent visits to former Nigerian leaders, Gen Abdulsalami Abubukar (rtd) and Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, insisting they were necessary exercises needed to upgrade his repertoire of knowledge concerning governance, particularly as it relates to Nigeria.

The renowned academic believes that fraternisising with the country’s former rulers has proved beneficial despite how critical it has been viewed in some quarters.

While countering suggestions that the visits lacked real political relevance, Professor Imumolen said it was necessary for young, aspiring leaders like him to not only consult with these past leaders of the country, but draw from their deep well of experience in governance over the years.

“Some people have said that my recent visits to both Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Gen Abdulsalami Abubukar (rtd) was pointless, while others have even insinuated that it was a charade,” Professor Imumolen said during a recent interview.

“But I want to say that the visits were neither pointless nor a charade as they have said. As a matter of fact, they were necessary. A young, aspiring leaders like me who wants to govern a country as multi-cutural, and as complex as Nigeria can’t to do without learning from these sages who had the opportunity to pilot the affairs of this country in the past.

“They may not exactly have covered themselves in glory with the results we all got from their times at the helm, but they still are an institution, a veritable source from which we all can learn from in order to avoid the mistakes they made.

“Besides, since they are not my enemies because of the scorecards they came away with in government, it is perfectly normal for me to go and consult with them, learn governance tips I can put to good use in future.

“The whole idea is to learn enough in order to do better when the chance finally comes for me to step into their shoes in Nigeria’s highest seat of power, ” he added.

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