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When Beggars Run A Nation, They Ruin It

Do you know that a man/woman may be a Billionaire and yet a beggar? Do you know that poverty is perhaps more about the state of mind than a situation? And do you know that greed is the absence of contentment?

When leaders with the mentality of beggars rather than those with a creative mentality run a nation they RUIN IT, such is the sad tale with the enterprise called Nigeria, and this must stop.

We have a government run by beggars, they have gone aborrowing, forgetting that he who goes aborrowing goes asorrowing. They are desperate to borrow in the name of infrastructural development, but we are not deceived. Sooner rather than later the truth shall bludgeon through the present falsehood. They are borrowing funds from China, from the EU, from World Bank, from the Paris Club, from the IMF, from Local Banks, and perhaps from the ‘Devil’, as the Debt Management Office weaves one lie after another in defense of the indefensible, and sadly no one in government cares about the burden that befalls posterity.

What happened to the Build, Operate and Transfer programmatic that obtains in other climes? If the government considers the projects for which they go aborrowing viable, important and apposite, why aren’t they asking the Contractor companies to bring in their funds, build, operate (toll the roads, run the rails for a number of years) recoup their monies with profit and transfer the infrastructure to Government? Who for Godsake is deceiving who?

Since the military disrupted our space in 1966, thieves and rampaging Buccaneers have held the Nigeria hostage trading one lie and hubris after another, as one successive government out-steals and out-loots its predecessor. Nigeria has become a bazaar of sorts, as the uninformed partisan swears in defense of his or her own thief. Pretty sad!

Let no one deceive you any further about why we must borrow for infrastructural development, when they come with their lies ask them what happened to the BOT programmatic, please remind them that when we RESTRUCTURE this dysfunctional enterprise we shall unbundle Nigeria for growth, progress and prosperity. Tell them that we need the return of wealth from our arable land, tell them that we want the return of the pyramids of groundnut, tell them that we want to see the silos of cocoa, of grains and of sesame, tell them that we want to make great wealth not only from Crude Oil but from our many mineral resources (Gold, Tantalite, Lead, Zinc, Uranium, Coal, Iron, etc) from Palm produce, from Timber and Plywood, from Rubber and from the variegated endowments of our flora and fauna, and tell them that RESTRUCTURING is the way out of the present mess.

Compatriots with the way the present government is borrowing funds for God knows what, this cruel generation of leaders shall bequeath nothing but a heavily pauperised and failed state to the future. We must speak up and speak out now.

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