We Are Suffering, Hungry, We Need Our November Salary – Policemen

The non-payment of their November salary has alarmed certain police officers from various formations and commands around the country.

They revealed this information to DAILY POST on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

The policemen, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, claimed that the nonpayment of their November wage had made their situation worse.

Other security agents have been paid their November pay, according to the cops, who claim they are hungry.

Several attempts to extend their pay until Wednesday were unsuccessful, according to the police.

They claimed that the police administration does not specify when their pay would be paid in a signal.

One of the officers said, “Help us shout it loud and clear, no November salary for police, the signal above indicated like that.

“All others security agents have been paid. What is our offense, is it a curse to be in Nigeria police?”

Another officer said that anyone who reveal his or her identity would be accused of leaking official secret.

“Economic crunch has crushed most of us due to irrational cost of living, an hungry man is an hangry.

“Police is seriously hunting any one that air his views, they say you are leaking official secret, they want you to remain zombie, suffering and smelling, please cover the identity”.

Another police officer in his own submission said, “It is lame excuses, police can not bare the brunt, is not our fault it is leadership failures, for Christ sake all others security agents have been paid since last week, today is 8/12, how do they want us to survive when we are not doing other jobs or to go and commit crimes.”

But, the police authority in a signal issued by Force Headquarters in Abuja and obtained by DAILY POST on Wednesday, noted that the delay was due to delay in processing of funds from the federal ministry of finance.

The signal addressed to various commands and formations reads, “Information received from IPPIS unit of OAGF indicates delay in processing of funds from federal ministry of finance for payment of November 2021 salaries which that there will be delay in payment of November 2021 salary.”

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