US Actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger Officially Divorces Wife After 10-Year Separation

Arnold Schwarzenegger, an American movie star, and his wife, Maria Shriver, have split.

The couple’s official divorce was announced after they had been separated for nearly a decade.

The marriage was legally canceled at a superior court in Los Angeles, California on Tuesday, according to reports.

According to TMZ, the divorce was approved by a private court who mediated the case in early December 2021.

On Tuesday, however, a sitting judge officially put the divorce into the system.

According to sources, the divorce took so long because of the complexities surrounding the property settlement agreement. However, it is thought that $400 million is at stake.

The couple split up more than a decade ago after it was revealed that the actor had fathered a kid with the cleaner.

Arnold and Maria had maintained a friendly friendship despite the fact that they had moved on.

The duo got married in 1986 and had four kids together namely; Katherine, 32, Christina, 30, Patrick, 28, and Christopher, 24.

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