UK’s Attorney General To Decide If Ekweremadus’ Trial Will Go Ahead

If Ike Ekweremadu, a former deputy senate president, and his wife, Beatrice, will stand trial in the UK on charges of human trafficking, the attorney general of England and Wales will make that decision within 14 days.

The couple was accused on Thursday at the Uxbridge Magistrates Court and detained until July 7 while an investigation was conducted.

The court was informed by Damla Ayas, the crown prosecutor, that “part of the charges” against the pair were made in Nigeria.

He claimed that because the case was “special,” the attorney general, Sue-Ellen Braverman (above), would have to decide where the trial should take place.

On Thursday, the London metropolitan police announced that the Ekweremadus were charged to court over the allegation of bringing a child to the UK for organ harvesting.

The London metropolitan police said they were charged following an investigation by the police’ specialist crime team.

The police added that the investigation was launched after detectives were alerted to potential offences under modern slavery legislation in May 2022.


Ekweremadu had in December 2021 written a letter to the British high commission in Nigeria backing the visa application of a potential kidney donor to his daughter.

He said the donor and his daughter “will be at the Royal Free Hospital London”, adding that he would “be providing the necessary funding”.

Although the donor is said to be 21 on his international passport, the Met police said he claims to be 15 and is thus regarded as a minor.

The prosecution told the court that an appointment was made for the “teenager” at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead but the consultant refused to proceed because he had concerns “about the 15-year-old boy”.

He returned to the address of the Ekweremadus in London before reporting to a police station.

Because he is now considered a minor, TheCable is withholding his name.

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