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Tunde Ayeni Clears Air on Adaobi Alagwu

Ordinarily, the recent series of media reports linking my name with a lady, Adaobi Alagwu, should not deserve a response from me since the section of the media that is feasting on the issue seems to be uninterested in fact finding, but mere sensationalism.

But given the possibility of even some discerning readers placing some values by the story, this short clarification and disclaimer becomes necessary.

I wish to state that, indeed, Ms Adaobi Alagwu and I had a relationship, which has since ended and, as well meaning Nigerians can imagine, it was a mistake that has caused my family much pain which I regret and do not wish to continue reliving as a section of the media continues to make me do.

As a reputable businessman, industrialist and corporate player, I have no time for frivolous and sensational stories and should not be distracted by such publications.
I have since put the relationship behind me .

The issue of the baby, which has attracted much media mentions, is one that is being resolved and will be resolved in due course but which ever way it is resolved, will never mean a rekindling of the ended relationship between myself and Ms Alagwu .

I sincerely wish that the media will, with this statement of mine desist from any further maligning of my person, my family and all that I represent in the society.

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