The Taliban And Global Security

By Bright C. Samson

I received the news of Afghan government toppling by Talibanwith shock on Sunday 15th of August, 2021. As US (United States) and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)prepared to withdraw their troops from the Islamic State after two decades of war, Afghanistan President, Ashraf Ghani,vaunted his military firepower and affirmed his government has the capacity to defeat Taliban.

But, the world was awestricken when the unexpected ensued as Taliban overwhelmingly conquered Afghan military within days. Despite been equipped and trained by the best, strongest soldiers on the planet, the US Army. Afghan troops outnumbered the Taliban fighters in a ratioof 300,000 to 80,000. Corruption, cowardice and indiscipline from the senior officers to the rank and file within the Afghan armed forces precipitated their subjugation by the Taliban.

The Taliban was founded in 1994, by Mullah Mohammed Omar,as a movement of religious group of Pashtun descents inAfghanistan. Pashtun is the largest tribe in the caliphate. The group metamorphosed into a jihadist sect whose objective is primarily imposition of its own version of Shariah Law on Afghanistan and subsequently the global community. According to security analysts, the group generates bulk of its funds from opium production, drug trafficking, mining in areas under theircontrol and clandestine fundraising.

He who comes into equity must come with clean hands. It is noteworthy that ample members of the sect are drug addicts fronting holier-than-thou. Amnesty International report in 2015, found Taliban culpable in mass murder and multiple gang-rapeof Afghan women and children. The sect has committed untold barbaric crimes against humanity. Contravening the very IslamicLaw they enthused to forcefully impose on Afghan civilians.

Without official documentation from US government, some intelligence luminary fingered CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) in the radicalization of mujahedeen sect, thereafter enlisted into Taliban. Through a covert program code namedOperation Cyclone to forestall Soviet expansion and encroachment into Afghan territory. Notwithstanding, America has since made lot of sacrifices to instill peace and stability in the country.

Osama Bin Laden was until his execution one time most wanted man on earth that spearheaded the September 11th, 2001,deadliest terrorist attack on US soil. He fled to Afghanistan for refuge and Taliban sheltered him and his Al-Qaeda cohortscomplicit in the attack. Prompting US and NATO militaryinvasion of Afghanistan. After execution of Bin Laden by the US Navy SEAL in Abbottabad, Pakistan, and synchronousdislodging of Al-Qaeda terrorist network in the Arabian Peninsula, through former President Obama’s the Disposition Matrix, America consolidated their hold on Afghanistan to stabilize the country politically and subsequently ramp-upwithdrawal of their troops. It was the longest war in US history,gulped 1 trillion dollars and 2000 American troops paid the ultimate price.

The Taliban’s version of Shariah Law forbids host of actions such as education, employment and sport for women, and liberalism for the general populace legitimate in Afghanistan Constitution. The sect is proverbially cruel towards women and metes all sorts of abuse on the feminine gender.  In 2012, bloc of the sect in Pakistan attempted to assassinate a young girl namedMalala Yousafzai, to retaliate her activism for right to education for the girl-child. A failed plot that sparked global outrage against Taliban brutality.

Ideally, before introducing new Constitution or Ordinance binding members of a Sovereign State, they ought to be a referendum monitored by international observers for tranquility. If Afghanistan should hold free and fair referendum to choose between Taliban regime and recently toppled government, the latter would win. Majority of the masses evidently oppose their Law. Thus, Taliban didn’t give Afghans opportunity to determine their governance system and societal structure. The sect exasperates to impose on Afghans their own Law devoid of fundamental human rights coupled with enslavement of the girl-child.

The coup d’état has displaced thousands of Afghans; more will flee, consequently worsening global migration crisis. The Taliban shares similar extremist ideology with Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab terrorists ravaging the Sahel.

The sect is scheming to project a new image so as to be accepted by the world, but they shouldn’t be trusted. Taliban remains a threat to our collective safety for its unrenounced radical perception against Christians and the West. One commander of the sect, Muhammed Arif Mustafa, told Clarissa Ward, a CNN correspondent covering the events unfolding after the fall of Afghan government “One day, mujahedeen will have victory and Shariah Law will come not just to Afghanistan, but all over the world. We are not in hurry. We believe it will come one day. Jihad will not end, until the last day.”

Unequivocally, the sect has agenda oblivious to the rest of the world. They could again provide refuge for terrorists and engage in radicalization of extremists. Consequently degenerating global security. Taliban shouldn’t be recognized by the international community for the sake of Afghan majority opposing their extreme Law, deterrence to other jihadist sects in the Sahel and world peace. The G7 and United Nations (UN) should frustrate their government by cutting-off ties and sanctions against any country that recognizes them.

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