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The Grand Conspiracy Against Governor Tambuwal And Sokoto State

They failed woefully in 2019. Despite the “armada” of Federal Security Forces that laid siege to Sokoto State with the sole mission to uproot the dynamic, innovative and result-oriented administration of Governor Aminu Tambuwal, the power of God and Sokoto people prevailed.
Governor Tambuwal humbled the APC with 342 votes to retain his governorship seat. But they did not give up.
In the 2023 Presidential and National Assembly elections in Sokoto State, security personnel were curiously withdrawn shortly before the commencement of polls, thereby allowing APC thugs to unleash terror on innocent voters.
To worsen matters, the heavily compromised Sokoto State Resident Electoral Commissioner ensured that no result was declared in Sokoto State. It was the height of electoral perfidy.
But the APC were still given a thorough beating with a margin of 4000 votes difference in the Presidential elections in Sokoto State. Realizing the game was up for them in Sokoto State, they retreated to their “laboratory of electoral robbery” to plot against the popular wishes of the Sokoto people.
For the governorship election, external forces dumped billions of Naira in Sokoto State to wrestle the governorship seat and humiliate the architect of Modern Sokoto State, Governor Tambuwal. Several air shuttles have been made to Sokoto with humongous amounts of dollars and newly minted Naira notes. It is
“Operation Capture Sokoto State at All Cost” Despite the fact that Sokoto people overwhelmingly voted for the PDP candidate, Mallam Saidu Umar (Mallam Ubandoman Sokoto), their mandate was stolen through brazen alteration of results.
After stealing the people’s mandate, their thugs moved into Sokoto City to unleash violence on political opponents.
This is a foretaste of the regime of vendetta and retribution they intend to institute when they return to office on May 29, 2023.
After accomplishing their devilish mission in the governorship election, the retrogressive forces are perfecting their plans to prevent the emergence of Governor Aminu Tambuwal as a Senator.
They have mobilized enormous resources to compromise electoral and security personnel. Their desperation knows no bounds.
But they will hit a brickwall this time around. Governor Tambuwal is going into the supplementary election with an unassailable lead of more than 7, 000 votes. It is impossible to close this gap in an area where the Governor is regarded as a hero of the people.
Sokoto people are aware of the grand conspiracy against Governor Tambuwal by some prominent Sokoto politicians and external forces. They are massively mobilizing to resist the forces of destabilization.
These evil, reactionary forces are bent on reversing the gains that Sokoto people have made in the past eight years. They want to stop the revolutions in health, agriculture, infrastructure and human capital development.
They want a return to moral perversion and thuggery. They want a return to the inglorious past when development indices in Sokoto State were embarrassingly negative. They want Sokoto State to be left behind by time.
The supplementary election is an opportunity for Sokoto people to reclaim their state from forces of darkness.
This is not a time for despondency or complacency. It is a time for action. “Organize, Don’t Agonize.”

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