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STOP PRESS: Niger State APC On The Verge Of Total Collapse

Niger state critical stakeholders, elder statesmen and well meaning Nigerlites should note that the peaceful atmosphere our state is being threatened by few undesirable elements who see themselves as gods. The ruling All Progressives Congress is at the verge of total collapse due to the actions of those “gods” who regards the party as their personal property hence their wishes MUST be respected despite us being in a democratic setting.

Today being Tuesday 24th May, 2022, all the 10 Aspirants for the exalted position of the Governor gathered at the State’s Police Command Headquarters on the invitation of the Police Commissioner in order to sign a Peace pact that will guarantee a peaceful primaries of the party through orderly and matured behaviors by adopting the original delegates list. The entire aspirants agreed to append their signatures on the peace pact only for Mohammed Idris Malagi to be called by Yakubu Abdulsalami A K A Baba Yakubu and directed him (Malagi) not to sign the peace agreement and acceptance of the original delegates list. It is very unfortunate that a man who is aspiring to be a Governor is already being controlled by cabals even before getting into the office.

It is also on record that the Nigeria’s electoral law has specified for the release of comprehensive authentic delegates to all Aspirants of various political offices in the land but another god, the State’s Secretary of APC Barrister Khaleel Ibrahim has vehemently and arrogantly refused to make the delegates list public. He has held on to it and make it so secretive as if it is cult membership list. All appeals and persuasion in that regard has fell on deaf ears.

This actions portends danger not only for the party who can face massive defection and heavy defeat in the forthcoming 2023 general elections in the state but can also bring total chaos, rancour and hatred among peace loving Nigerlites which in turn can be very embarrassing to our Governor whose political neutrality is highly appreciated by all. The Governor himself stands to loose his senatorial bid as it was done in 2015 during the PDP era when the Ex Chief Servant woefully lost election to a less known individual.

The time for Governor Abubakar Sani Bello to take firm decisions and squarely address this ugly trends in the party is now, his long silence and inaction on this matter can be regarded as serious weakness, incompetency, gross negligence and even supportive of those semi gods who thinks Niger State belongs to them only.

A stich in time saves nine, the time to act now is now.

Dauda Ismaili writes from Minna

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