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SEPLAT activates investigation team on Okpe, Sapele incident

Seplat recently received a complaint from five households at Okpe and Sapele in Delta State, indicating the presence of hydrocarbons in their respective dug shallow water wells.

An emergency response was immediately activated and an investigation team comprising the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA), and Delta State Ministry of Environment conducted a joint investigation visit, alongside the Seplat emergency response team.

Seplat has prioritized the safety of the residents of the affected area by providing potable water and secured the water wells from access. We will continue to support the investigation and provide palliative support to the households in line with the company’s firm commitment to its robust Health, Safety and Environment culture in all areas of its operations.

Seplat has carried out checks of other water boreholes in the same vicinity and have drilled additional test boreholes. None of them has any signs of hydrocarbon in the water. No oil leaks or seepage has been traced back to the Seplat operated facilities.

We wish to thank the affected households for their co-operation and peaceful approach and to reassure them and the communities that we are expediently investigating the root cause of the incident.

Seplat is a leading indigenous energy company in the prolific Niger Delta area of Nigeria. Seplat has built strong partnerships with its vital local communities, promoting trust and confidence amongst its various stakeholders, ultimately resulting in a stable operating environment that facilitates the creation of shared value.

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