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Rollins slays The Beast



Seth Rollins finds a way to take down Brock Lesnar in a barbaric battle for The Beast’s Universal Championship: Courtesy of WWE Network.

Seth Rollins told Brock Lesnar and the WWE Universe that at WrestleMania, he would march into Suplex City and burn it down. Well, the smoke has cleared, The Beast has been slain, and The Beastslayer is the new Universal Champion.

It nearly didn’t happen. Before the match had officially begun, Lesnar savagely assaulted Rollins to the point where The Architect could barely stand. Yet stand he did, and he made the most of his opportunity to take Lesnar down and keep him down for the three-count.

In a exclusive shortly after the bout, the new Universal Champion promised to be a fighting champion. Will tonight in Brooklyn provide Rollins his first opportunity to prove it?

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