Popular prophet marries four women on same day

“Show me where it is written that God said a man should marry only one wife? ”

A famous prophet, Zagabe Chiluza, married four women on the same day in eastern Congo, Bukur, over the weekend.

Mr Chiluza is the head pastor of the popular Eglise Primitive du Seigneur, Yeshua Hamashia Church, in Bukur, eastern Congo.

Afrimax English shared details of the unusual wedding on YouTube.

However, this is his second marriage, as he reportedly married the first wife a few years ago.

Biblical backups

The man of God claimed that he adopted the idea of polygamy from the Bible, citing Jacob, who had four wives, as an example.

He quoted biblical scriptures that show that marrying more than one wife was not a sin, and God always respected those who married more than one wife.

He said: “Show me where it is written that God said a man should marry only one wife? ”

“I am brother Zagabe Chiluza, and I have one wife plus the four I am about to marry. They would have to join the senior wife. Today we will have to celebrate. I will marry more women, and the idea originated from the bible.”

The acclaimed servant of God said he got saved and believed Jesus as his saviour in 1986 while he was in school.

Mr Chiluza, who says he is an ardent Bible student, chose to deviate from other denominations on the idea of polygamy.

He said: “Jacob married one wife and was awarded another, didn’t he? After that, he married more wives. Jacob had many wives, Leah and Rachel, then Bilhah and Zilpa, four wives for one man,” he said.

He further added that there are a lot of biblical examples of polygamy like “Saul, David and others, didn’t God not interact with them? I am wondering, how can one refuse to marry more than one wife?” he asked.

Another pastor in the church, Brother Kalebbe, said God introduced polygamy in the old testament and the entire scriptures support it.

Giving scriptural backup to his claims, he said: “You can read Matthew 25:1, it reads that, ‘at that time the Kingdom of God would be like ten virgins, who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom’, and we understand that all the brides would be his wives.”

Unusual wedding

Friends, family, and congregation members attended the prophet’s unusual wedding.

Many people gathered to celebrate the anointed man of God on his wedding day.

“I am glad to have five wives around me. If you want to marry many wives like Abraham, say, Amen. As you rejoice with us, Abraham will see you though he is seated in heaven. May God bless you,’’ the popular cleric told the excited guests at the wedding.

The guests, in turn, danced along with the prophet and his four wives, praising God.

The church blessed them and officially pronounced them husband and wife.

In one of his numerous sermons, Mr Chiluza says men should not marry girls who are virgins.

One of his members, Isidore Chibagila, said the church is governed according to prophecy and holy scriptures.

The single sister, who supports polygamy, also shares her thoughts on the church’s doctrine, and she says: “God himself supports polygamy as Apostle Paul said, it is said that there will only be virgins in heaven.”

Other controversial doctrines

Mr Chiluza said his church serves the people the truth, and they have the option of practising it.

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