PDP, Atiku make fake promises, says Tinubu

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, a presidential candidate for the All Progressives Congress (APC), has asked Nigerians to vote against the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its front-runner Atiku Abubakar.

He claimed that after failing for 16 years, they now make false promises.

On Wednesday, the former governor of Lagos State spoke at a large rally in Kano.

“We can improve Nigeria and make it safer and more prosperous,” stated Tinubu.

“We have the power to feed our people, educate our children, and eliminate terror. These are things that we are capable of doing. We can help you advance.

“However, the others can’t. They seek to impede your progress so that they alone can advance.

“All they have to give are phony assurances and simplistic solutions that are unreliable.

“All they can show you is how to hate your fellow Nigerian and reject your neighbour.

“But they cannot show you how to protect our society, feed our people, provide jobs and care for those in true need of help.

“Let me say this clearly and plainly. This campaign is about our collective march to a better Nigeria. Do we march forward? Or do we lose sight of the road?

“We must march forward. But we cannot forget how they frittered away our commonwealth.

“For 16 years they toyed with our lives and the future of this country.

“They spent $16 billion on electricity, but they procured darkness instead.

“They didn’t remember the pipelines and processing facilities to give us electricity.

“They shared the electricity generation money among themselves and their cronies.

“Neither he nor his party can keep their promise. Tell me how will they keep their promise to the nation.

“No wonder, their party is in tatters! Governor Wike was right when he talked about a lack of integrity, saying ‘look at the man and his history.’

“Their contribution to institutional-building is to create an electoral commission to rig elections, not to conduct transparent polls, and to establish EFCC to witch-hunt political opponents, not to fight corruption.

“PDP and its candidate do not have your interests at heart. They do not mean well for you; they do not mean well for the country.

“They mouthed Green Revolution, but their regime only worked to increase the food importation bill for 16 years.

“What they understand is a ‘consumption economy’ not a ‘production-based economy’.”

The presidential hopeful listed some of President Buhari’s achievements in eight years.

He promised to build on them and do much more.

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