Owo Massacre: Death Toll Rises As Hospital Seeks Blood Donors

Blood donations are needed at the Federal Medical Centre, FMC, where the majority of the injured victims were transferred after the murder of parishioners at the St. Francis Catholic Church in Owaluwa Owo, Ondo State, on Sunday.

Hundreds of people were killed while attending services at the church, which is located in the town’s heart.

The worshippers, mostly children and women, were killed in the attack by gunmen who also used dynamite, according to NEWS DIRECT.

The injured victims, who were transported to the hospital’s emergency unit, are said to be in need of blood.

According to personnel at the Federal Medical Centre and Saint Louis Hospital, both in Owo, where the dead and injured were transferred, a total of 35 people were brought in dead.

The number of people killed has yet to be determined by either the church or the government.

According to reports, several people died as a result of the tragedy, with some of those who were injured dying hours later.

On Sunday evening, a woman who was shot in the leg during the attack was claimed to have passed away.

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