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Ogun: Gov Abiodun Under Fire For Taking Photos To Buhari In Abuja

Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State has come under serious bashing on social media immediately after saying he took photos of his projects to President Muhammadu Buhari at the Aso Rock Villa in Abuja.

Nigerians, especially Ogun residents, have expressed their displeasure with the action of Gov Abiodun as they describe it as unnecessary.

Followers, who commented under the governor’s post on his Facebook page, queried if he is accountable to President Buhari or the people of the state, who elected him into office.

Abiodun had said he was on a working visit to the President, saying he also showed Buhari the level of work done on a number of projects in the state.

DAILY POST reports that this is Abiodun’s second time taking photos to Buhari in Aso Rock.

This time, hundreds of comments under the governor’s post suggested that many are not happy with the development.

See their comments:

Ahmed Oyewole: “Very disgraceful! Can’t believe this.Your colleagues do call the President to commission projects for God sake, not paper work achievement. You followed the same Buhari to commission projects in Lagos. He should have branched in Ogun State to do the same, not you carrying paper to Abuja. In fact, I am short of words.”

Oladimeji Tosin: “You can deceive him, but you can’t deceive those of us staying here in Ogun State. Your performance is very poor. You have no zeal to lead. Everyone in Ogun township never prays for you but always curses. I will implore you to change and prove to the people of Ogun State that you are capable. No good road network in Ogun State. Do something!”

Omileye Sunday: “The body language of the president, the way he was looking at the pictures said it all. To me, k just be focused on service delivery and forget about Abuja.”

AbdulAziz Oluwasesan: “So Mr governor, is it Buhari you are accountable to? Honestly, DA, you don’t even need to tell Mr president your achievements, rather you can show it to the APC as a party to measure it with your manifesto you submitted during the campaign.”

Ayorinde Oladiran: “Sir because you wanted to show someone your achievements, you had to travel down to see him? This is a complete waste of resources. You are not accountable to that grandpa but Ogun people who voted you into power. That grandpa doesn’t care, the earlier you know this the better.”

Lijofi Oluwole: “Mr governor sir, you said you’re showing the President your achievements so far, but no one apart from the President is there to see if you’re lying or not. Stop playing to the gallery, let your people do the appraisal. Till now, the one Sanwo-Olu showed him after EndSARS didn’t see anything that came out.”

Lawal Akinwunmi: “Ogun people should probably watch out for Tunji Egbetokun as their next governor. I think the real reason for Mr Governor’s visit to Abuja is to introduce him to the president. Other things contained in the write up are just cover up.”

Taiwo Columbus: “Mr governor, I am very sorry sir, you have not impressed us. Please learn from Sanwo-Olu in Lagos. Stop all these ceremonial shows. Let your work speak for you, time is flying. The whole of Ijebu is in a mess, no good road. Remember this Yoruba adage, ‘Ile labo isi mi oko, oro di e to fun omoluwabi’.”

Oluwatoyin Adepegba: “After watching Mr president’s interview on Arise TV, I don’t see why anybody will still come and meet him for anything concerning his state.”

Nofiu Ibrahim: “While people in Ijoko, Sango-Ota, Ota, Abule Iroko, Agbado, Lambe, Matogun, Adiyan, Akute are living in a state of chronic hopelessness, our Governor is in Abuja showcasing his ‘acheivements’ to the President. O God of mercy.”

Patrick Odiaka: “You should be very ashamed of yourself. He didn’t elect as a governor, unless you’re telling Ogun state people you are not answerable, owe no loyalty or not to their governor. You’ve sold Ogun people out.”

Alabi-Ariyibi Samuel: “What do you expect from an emergency governor? He doesn’t want to bite the finger that feeds him, and he knows they have the power to do and undo; and he is competing with Amosun for Buhari’s trust. Good luck, our governor.”

Dele Ali: “You should also intimate him about the state of Agbado Ijoko road. Mr President will be so proud of you sir.”

Babarinde Oyewole: “Photo speaks, as you can see Mr Governor, Buhari is just looking at it for looking sake. He is not even paying a serious attention to you and he is less concerned about what you brought to him.”

Segun Erinoso: “Why are you reporting to the President, sir? Is he the one that elected you? PMB doesn’t appreciate eye service.”

Adejoke Akinleye: “Haaaaaaa, my able Governor, why can’t you show the whole world Alagbole, Ojodu Abiodun, Agbado to Sango Ijoko roads? The Olusegun Osoba to Toyin Ishaga road that your contractor was working on since April, we have not seen any tangible work done on this road since. Just one heavy rain last week, everybody on that axis was looking for where to pass before you can link Toyin Ishaga road. People living in this area, are they not human beings that you are treating them like this? Please find time to come to these areas and see for yourself what people are going through.”

Adams Bello: “I don’t know the motive behind the governor going to Ask Rock at any little move he makes while many things are demanding for his attention in his state. I can’t imagine any other governor lobbying Aso Rock like that. Little wonder, Mr president said two governors from South West approached him on security challenges in their states when they appeared unaccountable to the people of their states who voted them in. Go round and see the deplorable roads that would have been better done by the local government if given the autonomy. They appeared to be friends but they are the greatest enemies.”

Baba Tee: “He (Buhari) will later tell the world that he pursued one SW Gov who came to show him pix, just like he did to Sanwo-Olu during Endsars era. Una no get sense kawai.”

Biyi Ogunfidodo: “Nothing can shock me again in this country. When you think you have seen enough, you will see another dimension of craziness. What do we call this one now, is it a case of a student taking his homework for the teacher to mark?”

General Bazo: “Dear Nigerian governors, stop visiting Buhari to showcase your achievements, it adds nothing rather than a request of infrastructure development to be scattered across your state. This makes totally no sense.”

Eric Oke chukwu: “Incompetent governor, did Katsina governor take album to Buhari to see what he has done or achieved?”

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