Nigerians React As Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey Uses 3 Nigerian Flags On Page

Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and CEO of Twitter Inc., has raised the number of Nigerian flags on his Twitter handle to three.

On June 12, the Twitter CEO tweeted the Nigerian flag in support of the country’s Democracy Day.

The reactions of Twitter users who noticed the spike are listed below.

Waribo Nwachukwu said, “Jack Dorsey stands with Nigerian youths because he knows therein lies the energy for #tech, innovation & creativity. Nigerian youths are the beckon of hope. The only drawback is bad leadership….will reclaim its glory with the budding youths as Africa giant.”


Danasabe Magaji noted that Dorsey’s action should not be seen as wooing Nigerian youths.

“Jack has lost big time in his investment! He realised how important Naija (Nigeria) is even he chooses Ghana! This suspension shook the hell out of him! He has been lobbying the Federal Government since that suspension. He could have tweeted Biafra’s flag though!

“It is not about making him a billionaire, but about the financial gain, he accrued in Naija! He knows, his eyes are clear now. If not, why lobbying the Federal Government? Why flash Naija flags in solidarity with the naija (Nigerian) govt? He keeps lobbying and ‘doing eye service’ for the FG since day 1 of the suspension.”

“Jack, I commend you for using ur platform to support Nigeria but kindly do the same for other countries going through similar & worse crises by creating awareness. By the way, it will be appreciated if the Twitter team can work on the platform to enable Nigerians to use the platform without VPNs.”

Tayo Easy stressed that “Jack constantly posting about Nigeria is not because of his love for Nigerians but rather his selfish interest. Many African countries out there are having it worse. Post them too na?”
Okechukwu Nwadike believes Jack is “doing a great job.”

“’Freedom is all we want. Also note, in Biafra & Oduduwa republics your business empire will flourish! Nigeria owners, nomadic Fulanis don’t use western innovations but only eradicates them! Google the term’ Sunnah’ you’d be surprised.”

Sovereign Smith said, “Where was this energy and support when Uganda was going through the same situation Nigeria is facing currently? Last last, we are all ass lickers in one way or the other.”

Abdullah Nuhu noted that “Mark Zuckerberg is more clever than you, I read his post in which he promised to make windows for politicians.”



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