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Nigerian Lady Jumps Out Of Moving Bus After Tyre Flew Out While Vehicle Was On High Speed (DETAILS)



A Nigerian lady identified as Bola has taken to social media to narrate her traumatic experience on a bus she was traveling in after she the Tyre flew out while the vehicle was on high speed.

According to her, the incident happened in a commercial bus on her way from Yaba to Ojuelegba in Lagos.

Nigerian lady lucky to be alive after jumping out of bus on high speed

She disclosed that the only thought that came to her mind at the moment was to jump out of the moving vehicle.

She obeyed her instinct, jumped out of the bus, and she’s thankful that she survived unharmed, despite being traumatized.

She tweeted;

“Guys! My whole life just flashed before my eyes! Took a bus from Yaba to ojuelegba and the tire flew out on motion.

Idk why, but my first instinct was to jump out cos the bus wasn’t going to stop, which I did. I’m unscathed but I’m traumatized 梁梁 I just almost died!”

Though she is fine, but she was cautioned by some social media users not to attempt that next time, as she was only lucky to be alive. She could have hit her head on a hard surface which could lead to instant death unless she was lucky.

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