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Nigeria Police Declares Chinmark Group CEO Wanted Over N480m Fraud [PHOTO]

Ijiomah Marksman Chinedu, a businessman and the CEO of the Chinmark Group, has been proclaimed wanted by the Nigeria Police Force in connection with an alleged N480 million investment fraud.

The troubled businessman is scheduled to show up in front of Interpol’s Assistant Inspector General of Police at Force Headquarters in Abuja.

The Magistrate Court of Lagos had issued an arrest warrant/bench warrant, according to a special police gazette bulletin.

Ijiomah Marksman is sought for for committing N480,013 million in money laundering, computer fraud, and collecting money under false pretenses.

The statement also followed a petition filed on behalf of a client who transferred N480,013,000 into numerous bank accounts managed by a marksman by Chive GPS, a dispute resolution business in Nigeria that offers debt collection options and other strategic services.

Some part of the petition reads:

  • ”We are retained by and others “Our Clients” and on whose express instruction we write to lay a criminal complaint of a well-orchestrated theft, fraud, and obtaining money by false pretences against the trio of Ijiomah Marksman, Marksman Uhunoma Trinity, and Chinmark Group herein referred to as “MARKSMAN.”
  • “Sometime in 2020 and 2021, MARKSMAN invaded the social media space and other mediums advertising for investment and posed as investment moguls that can manage the public’s funds for investments in real estate, hospitality, trading, and financial loans, in exchange for fixed return at a predetermined rate and duration.”

The police statement further disclosed that at different points, Chinmark’s clients transferred over N400 million to different bank accounts owned by Marksman with the expectation of fixed interest.

  • “Oblivious of the large-scale fraud ahead, our clients transferred, at various times the sum of Four Hundred and Eighty Million Thirteen Thousand Naira (N480,013,000) into the following multiple bank accounts controlled by Marksman.
  • “The proposed transaction was packaged and designed to yield fixed interests. However, upon expiration of the investment, the chief masterminds, Ijiomah Marksman and Purity Marksman, are rumoured to have fled the country to the UAE or the South Pacific Island of Vanuatu and severed stopped any form of communications with our clients.
  • ”Marksman may have coordinated this fraud alongside a well-financed cyber-actor namely; Amanda Chisom, Peter Awuzie, Happiness Awuzie, Linda Chinemelum Paul, Ada Ujaligwa, Timothy Benedict, and Harrison Gwamnishu who promoted the following as CHINMARK GROUP’s assets all over the country,” the statement explained.

To prevent Markman from fleeing the country to South Africa, the petition sought to have him placed on a global red notice.

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