Niger CAN goofed

Abdullberqy U. Ebbo

The government of Alhaji(Dr) Abubakar Sani Bello Governor, Niger State, has frowned upon allegations by Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) that the administration has been lopsided in favour of Muslims and certain section of the citizenry in the state in respect of political appointments.

The fact that a religious body with large bulk of faithful decided to go public with erroneous but sensitive information is worrying, to say the least!

While the fact still remains that the second term administration of Governor Abu Sani Bello is just taken off, appointments so far made is just four, representing far less than 5% of the total expected bulk, As we write this, the Governor has not constituted his team, comprising commissioners, Special Advisers, and others. Posts including those of Project Managers, Directors-General, Board Chairmen and members, Coordinators, Assistant Coordinators, and Senior Special Assistants have not been filled!

From another perspective, it is good to inform Christian body that the Governor himself, being a beneficiary of catholic school – a purely Christian organization – cannot shortchange Christians. This is what he did not do even in his first term. The governor has repeatedly emphasised being a Governor of the entire state and, politically, father of all – irrespective of religion, or party affiliation.

Even his political critics admitted openly that Governor Abu Sani Bello sites his projects and executes works based on peoples needs and never where certain political elements or religious personalities come from. So far, the Governor has lived up to expectations of being dispassionate and fair in his dealings and conducts as state Governor!

The Governor does not look and has never looked at someone’s religion before giving him/her appointments; he is for credibility, competence and character, and whoever he finds as having these, he awards positions.

The question is, only about 4 appointments have been made so far not even up to 5% of the appointments to be made and they’re already crying foul? This is not the way to go about the business of coordinating Christians in the state for meaningful and cohesive participation, as a religious body.

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