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Mum shot dead by her toddler as colleagues watched on Zoom call


A mum was on a Zoom call when she was shot dead by her child who had picked up a loaded gun.

Shamaya Lynn, 21, from Florida, was taking part in the conference call on Wednesday, August 11, when the other participants heard a huge bang and the mum fell backwards.

Those on the Zoom call then saw a toddler in the background who had picked a gun that had been left “unsecured” in the home, said Altamonte Springs Police.

When Lynn failed to get back onto the call, one of her colleagues taking part in the call called emergency services and the mum’s body was found with a shot to the head.



“Investigators determined that the injury was caused by a toddler who found a loaded handgun, which was left unsecured by an adult in the apartment,” a police statement reportedly said.

Florida TV channel WESH reported that Lynn was the mother of the child and the gun belonged to the dad.

Officer Roberto Ruiz, Jr warned in a TV clip: “To anyone and everyone tuning into this story if you own a firearm please keep it locked and secured.

“Incidents like this can be avoided.”

The couple also have another child and both are in the care of relatives, said WESH.

Police are continuing to investigate the case and are consulting with the Seminole County State Attorney’s Office over whether the father, the gun owner, should face charges.

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