Mercy Aigbe, Ex-Husband Fight Dirty On Instagram Over Father’s Day Post

Mercy Aigbe’s estranged husband, Lanre Gentry, has reacted to a Father’s Day post on her Instagram profile.

Mercy Aigbe wished herself a happy Father’s Day in a post, saying she plays a dual role in her children’s lives while slamming Lanre Gentry.

Her post read, “Happy Father’s Day to me and all the responsible fathers out there! 2 Kids ( 1 international student) changing naira to dollars with this dollar rate! Please it’s not easy but God has been gracious.

“Please no one should come and tell me how I shouldn’t take the shine off Fathers oh! (Fatherhood is beyond just impregnating a woman, if you are a man and you do not perform your responsibilities towards your kids, Biko you ain’t fit to be called a Father and that’s period! So, Since I am playing the dual role in my children’s lives, allow me celebrate myself everyday! Because it’s not easy!”

Gentry reacted to this by posting on his Instagram page, denying that he is a “deadbeat” father.

He claims to be a father who has been responsible to his children.

He wrote, “If you like take your children to the moon, it’s nobody’s business. If you like, pay in dollar or yen , it’s nobody’s palava. I have helped you pay for the school fees of another man’s daughter before, so.

“Some women over there will say happy fathers day to themselves when they are not good to be a mother or housewife to their children. You can’t blame them, they have no good background and dont have their parents together, that is why they don’t know what Father’s Day is.

“I am a father to all my children. I pray for all fathers in Jesus name.”

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