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Killings, Kidnapping: Buhari has failed us – Arewa Youths Forum




Youths from the 19 northern states under the aegis of Arewa Youth Forum (AYF), on Friday in Kaduna passed a vote of no confidence on the federal government, saying it has failed in its primary responsibility of protecting lives and properties.

The youths said they are “saddened by the wave of killings, attacks and kidnappings across the country, especially in the Northern part of the country. We want to categorically condemn this almost descent to anarchy across our country and the inability of government to find an antidote to this menace.”

A statement signed by Comrade Gambo Ibrahim Gujungu, National President, AYF, said, “As it stand many Nigerians no longer have faith in the ability of the government to protect their lives and properties, a sad development indeed.”

Part of the statement said, “We are therefore calling on the Federal government to immediately put in place measures that will bring this unholy menace to an end. AYF believes that our security agencies have what it takes to do this and we are asking those in charge to give the necessary political will.

“If the prevailing strategies are not working, AYF believes the security agencies has what it takes to try a new approach and if the service chiefs have no any new idea to bring to the table, new ones should come on board to make sure that at least government should begin to fulfill its primary duty of protecting lives and properties.”

The youths also said, “Reports from across the country has shown that Nigerians in their hundreds have lost their lives, their homes and means of livelihood to the marauding bandits and we are worried that government is yet to find any solution to this abnormality.

“From Zamfara to Katsina, Sokoto to Kaduna the story is always the same. Many are now resorting to self help because government has arguably failed in its primary responsibility of the protection of lives of its citizens.

“Reports of people selling properties in Zamfara and lining up to buy amulets that will protect them in their own communities is a sign that all is not well. But what is government doing about this? We are yet to see.

“This is in addition to the new wave of kidnappings visited on innocent travellers along Kaduna – Abuja road. Before now reports are that many of the attacks took place during the odd hours of the the night and early morning hours. But recently especially within this week these people have become so daring that they operate, kidnap and even kill fellow citizens at will. This is unacceptable in a decent society.

“The Arewa Youth Forum is worried that in spite of all these developments government and the security agencies are carrying on as if nothing is amiss. We have clearly come to the conclusion that this government lacks the political will to tackle the state of insecurity across the country.

“We say this because we are yet to see any serious proactive measure on the part of the security agencies and the government in bringing this menace to an end. How many Nigerians have to die before a serious minded action that will bring an end to the problem is taken? The asked.

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