Kemisola Ogunniyi: Release Of End SARS Protester Who Delivered Baby In Prison Stalled

The effort to free the 18-year-old End SARS protester who gave birth while in prison custody has stalled.

The bail application of Kemisola Ogunniyi, who was held for allegedly being involved in the arson committed in Akure during the demonstration, was denied by Justice Omolara Adejumo, who stated she was uninformed of the bail application by the defendant’s counsel.

During the curfew imposed in Ondo State in the aftermath of the End SARS demonstration, Kemisola was arrested alongside three other accused.

According to the Defendant’s Counsel, Tope Temokun, due to court process, his client’s bail will be considered on Tuesday.

The infant would be baptised on Wednesday, according to the Counsel.

“The assurance we had was that she was going to be released today. but as a lawyer, I know the procedure.”

“There is nothing negative about this issue, the whole world knew that a boy was born and I am very sure that tomorrow, the whole world will also know the name of that boy. The boy has been announced to the world and I am very confident that the boy is going to be great.”

The state Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Charles Titiloye, reacted to the development by saying that the defendant’s bail application followed protocol, which the court was following.

“There are procedures for all court matters, it was a court order that put the person in the custody and the court order has to be followed in securing her bail . So Tuesday is not too late. We have to follow the court procedure,” the AG stated.

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