Insecurity: El-Rufai Tells Buhari To Deploy Drones, Missiles To Kill Bandits

Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai has urged the federal government to use drones and missiles to fight bandits terrorizing the country’s northern regions.

El-Rufai suggested that the Federal Government provide troops with more advanced weapons to combat bandits.

The Governor, speaking in Abuja, suggested that the federal government use a combination of air and ground forces to fight bandits in the north.

According to El-Rufai: “I think the security agencies also need more advanced technology. The Air force needs more drones.

“Drones are much cheaper than planes, and there are drones now that can carry missiles.

“But drones can be more targeted, more selective and quiet. And drones can also fly in circumstances that airplanes cannot due to bad weather.

“We need the combination of airpower, and we need troops on the ground augmented by local expertise and knowledge. We need just one, two, three months of operation just to kill all these bandits.

“It’s the only way to stop this. So the only option that we have is to ensure that we kill them all.”

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