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Indian Man Detain, Starve Nigerian Man To Death Over Non-Payment Of Rent

A 30-year-old Nigerian man living in India died after his landlord allegedly held him captive and starved him for eight months.

According to reports, the victim, Michael Emenike Madueke, couldn’t pay his rent during the pandemic, so his landlord evicted him and locked him up in another apartment without food.

Madueke was discovered ill and malnourished in an apartment in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. On his way to the hospital, he unfortunately died.

A Facebook page, @Un-Fair Web who shared the story on the platform wrote,

“Michael Emenike Madueke (30 years) a Nigerian citizen was (allegedly)locked up by his landlord due to non-payment of 6 months rent during the pandemic in Raj Nagar extension, Ghaziabad. He was evicted from his rental apartment and held against his rights and wishes for close to 8 months in another apartment (SG Impressions) by the landlord. Here, he was regularly beaten up and kept without food and only water. When his brother in Nigeria transferred Rs. 42000.00 to the landlord (Mr. Omveer Rahul) his state of incarceration and treatment was discovered.

During his transport to the hospital on being rescued (between Apex hospital and AIIMS) he succumbed to the ill-treatment and died. An FIR is yet to be filed by the police at the station”.

Meanwhile, a Nigerian activist, Kennedy, said that the deceased, an auto parts trader, died of maltreatment and malnutrition after being imprisoned in the apartment by his India landlord without his will for almost 8 months.

In footage of Emenike’s rescue taken by the Nigerian Citizens Welfare Association, a group of expats led by Kennedy, the victim, who was already thin and pale, can be heard saying, “He wants more money every day.”

Michael’s family in Nigeria, according to Kennedy, donated Rs 42,000 to Rahul in two installments. The amount Michael owed Rahul is unknown.

He continued, “We haven’t filed an official police report yet because we’re waiting to hear from his family and the Nigerian High Commission.”

The police, on the other hand, stated that they had not yet discovered evidence to support the charge. A doctor who originally attended to him noticed no external injuries.

At 8.08 p.m., “MICHEAL” (sic), a 30-year-old male, was “BROUGHT DEAD, PENDING INVESTIGATION,” according to a report from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences’ emergency department.

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