I’m Already Sweating — Obasanjo Laments High Cost Of Diesel On Fish Farming

Olusegun Obasanjo, a former president, has lamented the growing cost of diesel and its impact on his fish business.

The high price of diesel may force fish farming into bankruptcy, according to Obasanjo, who spoke on Tuesday, August 2, at a south-west fish farmers’ congress held at the presidential library (OOPL) in Ogun state. He said he is “already sweating” over the high cost.

The former president also revealed that a kilogram of fish costs N1,400 to produce at the current price of diesel at N800 per litre. Farmers must not sell for less than N1,500, according to him, as doing so would result in a “outright loss.”

He stated:

“And you will go jobless, poor and indigent. So, what do we have to do? To come together… we want to sustain fish production, and we must be able to take care of those who are going to eat and those of us who are producing.

“How many of you are using diesel in your production? Because I use diesel, and I’m already sweating. I’m already sweating.”

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