I see doom ahead of you, Comedian I Go Dye writes Tinubu

Ace comedian, Francis Agoda famously known as I Go Dye has sent a word of caution to the party leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and presidential aspirant, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who has about three days to know his fate whether he would be the presidential flagbearer of the party or not.

In a statement made available to Opral News, the humour merchant tells Tinubu that he is fighting a battle he cannot win because it appears all odds are stacked against him despite his political sagacity and magnanimity.

“When you were screened by someone who felt you were among those that removed him, it was obvious that a doomsday was ahead of you,” he writes.

I Go Dye implores the Jagaban to leave the stage while the ovation is at the loudest and to ignore any act of treachery that might have been committed against him, in the interest of peace and the party.,

“I want to admonish you to learn from some great men in the past and walk away from the stage when the spotlight is still on you, nobody knows it all . Yes, you have made sacrifices that made it possible to elect some people, just the same way that you have offended others as well, so don’t expect everyone to pay you back with gratitude.

“The recent power tussle in your party APC, involving you and many Southern aspirants should not be seen as a winner takes it all battle. At this time, you can’t win this battle ahead, unless you sacrifice your ambition for the greater good of the nation. I advise you to lend your support to someone younger, with a wider support beyond your political affiliations

“This is a test of patriotism, loyalty and fatherly courage, so there’s no need to go on with this open battle with your children and political offspring, because there’s doom ahead. It’s better for you to join hands with your party men, irrespective of the outcome,to give a stronger unity and voice, than to battle like your life depends on it. Otherwise a Northern candidate might win the Presidential Primary elections of your party.”

I Go Dye cautions Tinubu further, noting that he cannot win with a use of force, adding that it may lead to a face-off between him and the President.

“I know the rule of force shall be used. Let me remind you that the president is a retired General and he will affirm his political will against anyone,whose personal interests seem to override the common goal of others and the collective success of the party. At this point, it’s obvious there can’t be two captains in one ship. This is the body language of Mr. President and also those that you have offended.

“Sir, kindly take a bow, so that history will remember you as a great man and not a man who falls out of grace to grass, because if this battle is lost in bad faith,your pride and glory shall be irredeemable. My candid advice, because you deserve more that this cold porridge saved you, but only your humility and gratitude to God almighty can see you through this great moment. Remember this parable, “when brothers fight to death, a stranger inherits their property, “he writes.

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