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How Son Of Hilton Hotel Owner, Adedoyin Dumped OAU Student’s Corpse In Bush – Osun Police

The Osun State Commissioner of Police, Olawale Olokode, on Monday revealed that the son of Dr Ramon Adedoyin, owner of Hilton Hotel who is now at large, organised the throwing away of the body of Timothy Adegoke, a Masters’ Degree student of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, into the bush after being found dead in the hotel.

The commissioner, who made this known on a radio programme in Osogbo, the state capital, said the act was carried out with the assistance of two managers.

​Tribune reports that the CP said, “One of the receptionists of the hotel who was on duty believed that the victim paid for two nights, and that he entered the room on Friday between 5pm and 6pm on Friday, adding that by Sunday he would have left. She was the one who went to that room to discover that after several knocks and no response, she came to look for a spare key.

“Each of the staff, manager, auditor, checker and others believed that it was their duty to report to the management of the hotel.

“After reporting to the MD, he rushed down to the hotel. The MD now asked two of his managers to join him and convey the corpse. And up till that point, they believed that, he was taking the corpse to the police or hospital.

“The MD who drove the vehicle himself, drove them to a bush and asked them to throw the corpse into a bush and instructed them not to reveal it to anyone. The personal property of the corpse was also thrown into the bush according to them.

“We combed the bush and up till now, nothing of such was found. Timothy died inside the room in Hilton Hotel and the corpse after two days was discovered which was taken to a bush about 2km away from the hotel and thrown into a bush.

“Meticulous investigation of police discovered where the corpse was buried against the claim that it was thrown. Six suspects were arrested. The suspect confessed that the corpse was found in one of the rooms in the hotel.

“Three of the staff packed the corpse and threw it into the bush. None of them confessed to the actual killings but right now the corpse was taken to UNIOSUN Teaching Hospital.

“None of the staff informed the police. It was the report of the missing person that made the anti-kidnapping team to discover the body after their meticulous investigation, trailed the so-called missing person to that hotel and then traced the corpse to where it was found.

“Adedoyin was arrested. He came when the police required his presence at the station. I am not aware of any video or audio from suspects. I cannot comment on what I am not aware of. We have done everything humanly possible to do justice to the investigation. The autopsy will guide us in prosecution.”

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  1. It is unfortunate this is happening in Nigerian. It is my belief that the victim was murder and sensitive parts of his body removed for ritual purposes. Why did they the thrown the deceased into Bush but was found buried. God help us.

  2. The body was not just thrown away it was buried in a shallow grave.There actions are intentionally and delebrate.
    From most substantial informations the Hotel staff has questions to answers
    From the informations so far established the owner of the Hotel along with his son is neck deep in the killing of Timothy
    The father with his advisers has make sure the son should disappear to enable the police declared him wanted by that the father can be released under the guide that it was the son that has case to answered with the arrested staff
    One wandered why the son has never been declared wanted
    The chances is that they wanted him travelled out of the country before declaring wanted
    From the police lackadaisical approach now the case if care is not taken will be badly managed
    Don’t forget the Police can present very poor information to the court that will make the judge to exonerate the chairman and the staff
    From the positions of how things is been handled even when the files get to the DPP office nothing substantial will come from the DPP office
    The chairman is claimed to be in police custody but most actions of the chairman is liked a freeman.
    My advise to all those flexing muscles of big men and women in this case is to remembered we are also parents.
    The sad things today is that the news of this murdered is all-over the world curtesy of social media
    No doubts Nigeria and Nigerian has no credibility so any opportunities we have we have to proved the world wrongs
    Outside the above we have to becareful of the spiritual implications against our country if by chance we tried to allowed Timothy death to be invalid.

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