How Igbo businessmen donated over N1bn to Tinubu’s campaign – Uzodimma

The All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate for president, Bola Tinubu, has received over N1 billion in donations, according to Hope Uzodimma, the governor of Imo State.

In a Town Hall meeting with local business leaders on Thursday, Tinubu and the governor made this revelation.

“They came together and levied themselves N500,000 each to commit to your project in order to be able to realize the manifesto as you presented it,” he said. “After going through your manifesto.

They have names, phone numbers, and email addresses, and as of the most recent tally, they number over 2,000. They have also raised more than N1 billion for this project.

On his part, the spokesman for the group Emeka Mgbudem said they took the decision because they believe in the Tinubu project while thanking the former Lagos governor for making Uzodimma a part of the campaign team.

“Our capacity to support you has been heightened by our belief that with you as the president of Nigeria, our nation will be on the horizon of limitless opportunity,” he said.

He called on Tinubu, if elected, to help tackle the issue of numerous checkpoints on the roads in the region and equally build roads to link state capitals in the South-East.

While responding, Tinubu promised to deploy technology in the clearing of goods at the ports, a development he explained will make checkpoints irrelevant.

The APC chieftain also vowed to run an all-inclusive government if he becomes the president.

“So, I am here a Yoruba man seeking the votes and support and encouragement and prayers of an Igbo man, what is the difference in that? We are both carrying the same blood looking at the same God who is the creator and believing in the unity of our country,” Tinubu said.

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