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Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Collected £4,000 Second-Hand Bike From President Of Kurdistan – Report

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was given a £4,000 second-hand bicycle by the President of Kurdistan, new documents have revealed.

The ex-PM declared the limited-edition cycle among a raft of lavish gifts handed to him by donors since stepping down as PM three months ago – including £37,000 worth of rent-free accommodation in a luxury cottage, according to The Mirror.

Weeks after the British public told the Uxbridge MP to get on his bike, he was gifted a costly, limited-edition two-wheeler by President Nechrirvan Barzani.

The costly gift, declared as a donation on the register of members’ interests, came a year after it was revealed that Mr Johnson had refused to pay for a custom £1,000 bike given to him by US President Joe Biden.

Biden’s bike, along with a helmet and sunglasses, were given as part of a gift exchange.

But according to the law guiding such, gifts to the PM become the property of the country if they’re worth more than £140 – unless he pays the difference.

According to the Times, he refused to do so, but continued to use the cycle anyway.

President Barzani visited the UK in April, but Cabinet Office records don’t mention any gifts being exchanged between the two leaders at the time of his trip.

Because it was received after he left office, Mr Johnson is allowed to declare it as a personal donation from the President to him – saving him a cool £4,000.

As well as the bike, Mr Johnson declared a further £10,000 in accommodation costs, donated by Lady Carole Bamford – the wife of JCB chief and Tory super-donor Lord Anthony Bamford.

Boris Johnson accepts nearly £25k in accommodation for his family from Tory billionaire

Mr Johnson and his family are said to be living in a luxury cottage in the Cotswolds – owned by the Bamfords on the same estate where they held their wedding bash this year – at a value of nearly £24,000.

In total, Mr Johnson has accepted free accommodation worth a staggering £37,000 from Lady Bamford in the three months since he stepped down as PM.

And he declared the use of Gatwick Airport’s exclusive Sussex Suite – usually reserved for VIPs and royalty.

He used the private terminal to fly out to the Cop27 summit in Egypt, along with two other adults, at a cost of £1,056.

Johnson also told a synagogue in his West London constituency that his party was wrong to boot him out during the summer, as he bizarrely hinted that he could ‘rise again’ as a leader.

Describing his ousting as Prime Minister as a “mistake”, the former PM made it clear his party was wrong to boot him out of office over Partygate and sleaze scandals on a visit to Ruislip Synagogue on Monday night.

Mirror reports that Johnson, also admitted that his wife Carrie voted for Matt Hancock on I’m a Celebrity.

An audience member told Jewish News: “Boris used the ‘mistake’ word unprompted when asked by an audience member for his view now on the decision of his party to oust him.”

He was also said to have used the expression “if I rise again” during his conversation with about 40 members of the west London congregation.

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