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Echocho: When Kinsmen Throw Stones

Realism is the only school of thought frequently pricked with crude banters albeit for the illogical betterment of the selected few who are ignorant of the inherent disorder plaguing their own existence yet these league of citizens are on standby to throw weightless stones summarized as criticisms especially on subject matters that do not suit their egocentric interest.

In a quick allusion to the holy Bible, these class of self anointed critics can be rated as shenanigans tasked to throw stones if not guilty as charged. The renowned biblical judgement scenario of adultery can be utilized in addressing the recent haphazardly schemed propaganda targeted at the Senator representing Kogi East, Alhaji Isah Jibrin (Echocho) over an alleged statement in the hallowed chamber.

Senator Echocho in his submission based on findings of the police concerning the unfortunate incidence hinted that the attack on a stalwart of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Hon Acheju Abu which led to her untimely death was a retaliatory outing taken too far. Let it be stated clearly that Echocho was not at the scene and was not an eyewitness to the ugly incident but his submission is linked to an earlier police report but his stance is the newest option of propaganda flying in the circle of his parochial critics.

All over the world, lynching or any act of jungle justice cannot be rated as viable tools of leadership advancements or arsenals strategically defined towards the triumph of any candidate in a given election. Violence is not the best style of option or adoption for any political party. Now, it would amount to unwarranted injustice to throw tantrums at Echocho for his stance even when the police report that instigated his opinion was not criticized to suit the interest of mischief makers.

In reality, the gruesome murder of Mrs Abu cannot be vindicated by any sane being or group of persons but now that it has happened, it is expected that the truth be told at least to prevent further rancor, chaos and abnormalities where aggrieved parties illegitimately take laws into their hands.

The bottom line of the recent outburst concerning a verified explanation by Echocho on the floors of the Senate is narrowed down to sentiments and hatred against the lawmaker but for how long will his kinsmen continue to throw lazy stones at one of their greatest benefactor of all time? The Igalas, Kogites and Nigerians will not forget in hastening the human capital development and philanthropic lifestyle of Senator Echocho who often fall as prey to the ‘pull him down’ syndrome of his kinsmen. It is worthy of note, that Echocho should not be exonerated from criticisms due to his outstanding antecedents but the recent hullabaloo targeted at this character is obviously a product of uncontrollable hatred sponsored by his detractors notably his kinsmen.

It is no longer news to recall how Echocho was political dribbled, tormented and humiliated by his kinsmen who nearly suffocated his political career. These shaming class of political Judas are still lurking around wishing to pounce at ease on their supposedly weak prey, meanwhile they are ignorant of the lucid fact buttressing the grace that who God has blessed, no man can curse.

It is time saving and more logical to channel positive energies towards the prevention of reoccurrence of such heinous crimes in our communities because Echocho is not guilty as charged but for how long will his kinsmen continue to throw stones?

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