Community Disrupts OML 30 Operations Over Kinsmen Sack

The residents of the Olomoro Community in the Delta State’s Isoko South Local Government Area have stopped the activities of Oil Mining Lease 30, which is run by Heritage Energy Oil Services Limited.

On Sunday, the host community’s irate natives gathered outside the oil company’s gate in a nonviolent protest.

Their complaint was based on the purported firing of eight of their relatives who were employed by the company.

They asserted that their relatives had been fired without cause.

The protesters, who carried placards with inscriptions like: “Heritage, just reinstate all the indigenous workers,” among others, also accused the company of unduly marginalising the host community.

Addressing newsmen shortly after the protest, Patron of Olomoro Indigenes Heritage Staff, Okpogbo Peter, vowed that the company would not be reopened until the affected staff were reabsorbed.

According to Peter, the disengaged workers were employees of the Shell Petroleum Development Company before it was bought by the Nigerian Petroleum and Development Company in 2012.

He said that HEOSL had not employed any Olomoro indigene since it inherited the assets from the NPDC in 2017.

He said: “Shell requested that workers from the Olomoro community and their assets be transferred to NPDC in 2012.

“HEOSL bought the facilities in 2017.

“Since 2017, HEOSL has never employed anybody from Olomoro community, but would rather sack our people employed by Shell.

A Spokesman for Heritage couldn’t be reached for comments as at the time of this report.

He said the community disagreed with their disengagement, adding that Heritage had no right to sack any of the community workers that were employed by Shell.

He added that Heritage owed Olomoro community slots, therefore, the sacked workers should be recalled.

Peter said the action would be sustained until the workers were reabsorbed.

Also, one of the disengaged staff of the company, Steve Okaro, alleged that the company had made series of illegal employments over the years, which had over-bloated the staff strength.

Okaro alleged further that another company was attempting to buy HEOSL, but, however, complained of the over-bloated staff strength.

He said: “We learnt that a new company is coming to take over from Heritage, but it’s like the company is complaining of the staff strength.

“Now, they want to let some workers go and it is the community workers.

“Those workers they employed through the back doors, they did not touch them.

“They are owning Olomoro community more slots and they are dropping our people.

“We are saying no way, we cannot take it from them.

“All the eight sacked workers should be reinstated.”

Okaro said the community leader had appealed for a diplomatic resolution of the issue, but the company was not shifting ground, prompting the protest.

However, the HEOSL Community Relations Officer, simply identified as Williams, told the News Agency of Nigeria that he was not authorised to speak to newsmen.

Williams promised to send the contact of the rightful authority to NAN, which he never did.

He said: “I am not allowed to speak with the press.

“It is not my function.

“I will send you the contact of the real person to speak with.”

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