Buhari’s Impeachment: Top Politicians Warn Against Military Coup

First Republic Minister for Aviation, Chief Mbazuruike Amaechi and Human Right Lawyer, Okorie Akrika have bared their thoughts on the recent impeachment talks around President Buhari and also warned against fears of military coup, following the recent security challenges in Abuja Nigeria’s Capital. At the moment, many public institutions, as well as the National Assembly have shut been down activities as a result of the activities of the bandits in the area.

According to Amaechi, who spoke to reporters in Ukpor, Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State, military coups are no longer fashionable in the world, adding that soldiers should stay away from politics and meddling with the governance of the country.

“Coup is never fashionable at any time and military coup is an infringement against the country. It is a very serious offence and it is a treasonable offence. “There has never been a situation whereby coup can be justified and our soldiers should be apolitical and soldiers coming into politics have ruined this country enough.

“Soldiers should stay away from politics and any soldier who wants play politics, let him retire from the military and join politics.”

Amaechi further contended that the President Muhammadu Buhari’s travel abroad should not be seen as a sign of abdicating his duties as President, adding that he has the Armed forces, who he has given directives to ensure security of lives and property.

Akrika, however, urged the Federal Government to take actions in order not to be found culpable over the rumours that the security challenges in Abuja are being sponsored by it to create room for a military coup in the country.

“Military Coup is one, unconstitutional and two or is undemocratic and three, it is not fashionable but having said this, it does not derogate from the evolving scenario, whereby Nigerians are now beginning to believe that what is happening is being masterminded.

“So, there is no way one can justify a situation where the bandits have summoned the courage to take the battle to the Nigeria’s seat of power. “There is no justification for that when the Federal Government is closing Law school, all schools and even the National Assembly based on insecurity.

“It means that there is something fundamentally wrong with the management and of the security business of this country “If the Federal Government cannot come out openly to tell what is the position of Nigeria, then Nigerians can also believe the rumour that is gaining ground that all these things being put in place is to try and check mate and truncate our nascent democratic experience.

“Otherwise, there is no reason the issue of insecurity is now being extended to Abuja to the extent of affecting our National life.

“If the Federal Government do not take decisive action to contain and curtail what is happening, they cannot be exonerated from the insinuations making the round it could be a political ploy to create a situation so as to justify a military intervention and at the end of the day will not be accepted by Nigerians under whatever guise or form under whatever reason and the democracy of our country must be allowed to take its course”, he said.

Meanwhile, Nigerians abroad have warned that any member of the National Assembly found at any International airport in Europe and America seeking refuge from the gunmen would be chased back to Nigeria.

According to Comrade Edina Ukaoha, who spoke through a zoom interview: “Why are they running away from Nigeria when they were elected to protect us? “They should remain there and face the situation squarely and if we find anyone at any of the airports, we shall send them back to Nigeria.

“They were elected to work and serve us and they cannot close down the National Assembly and run away from their responsibilities, which is fighting for the security of life and property of Nigerians”, she said.

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