Buhari under attack for begging bandits to release abducted students


President Buhari has been attacked on social media for appealing to bandits to release the abducted students of Greenfield University, five of whom have already been reportedly killed.

Buhari while reacting to the release of the remaining 29 students of the Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation, said, “I again appeal for the release of the students of Greenfield University and all other citizens held in captivity.

“We will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that Nigerians live in a country where everyone can move where and when they want—without the fear of kidnapping and banditry.”

The comment section of Buhari’s Twitter handle has been disabled.

Reacting further, some Nigerians on Twitter expressed displeasure about the statement questioning why the president has to appeal to those who ought to be arrested and prosecuted.

Franklin Adebayo Adimchinobi tweeted, “Even GEJ didn’t appeal to kidnappers but here is Major General Buhari (rtd) doing the unthinkable. The lie they sold Nigerians. Buhari will handle security while oga pasito will handle economy. Security we no see, economy sef no gree show face (sic).”

Columnist, Gimba Kakanda, tweeted, “Appeal? You have army, navy, air force, police, civil defence, DSS and many other resources at your disposal, dear sir. You don’t appeal, you act. You are the C-in-C, not some motivational speaker.”

Recall that about 800 students including students from higher institutions have been abducted in coordinated attacks in mostly schools from northern states in the last six months.

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