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Buhari to ASUU: Stop keeping students at home, enough is enough

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, as ASUU, has been encouraged by President Muhammadu Buhari to change their mind about the ongoing strike.

ASUU should take into account the long-term impact on students and the generational repercussions on families, the educational system, and the nation’s progress since Buhari said that “enough is enough.”

He spoke on Monday at his home in Daura, Katsina State, where he was hosting APC governors, lawmakers, and other political figures.

The president lamented that the strike was already taking a toll on the psychology of parents, students and other stakeholders, throwing up many moral issues that already beg for attention.

“We hope that ASUU will sympathise with the people on the prolonged strike. Truly, enough is enough for keeping students at home. Don’t hurt the next generation for goodness sake.

“Colonial type education was geared towards producing workers in government. Those jobs are no longer there. Our young people should get an education to prepare them for self-employment. Now education is for the sake of education.

“Through technology, we are much more efficient. We should encourage our children to get education, not only to look for government jobs,” he added.

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