Buhari Not Loyal To Nigeria, Will Retire To Niger Republic In 2023 – Ohanaeze Chieftain, Ibegbu

President Muhammadu Buhari, according to Chuks Ibegbu, a former National Publicity Secretary of the ‘Ohanaeze Ndigbo, is an unpatriotic Nigerian.

Buhari, according to Ibegbu, is more patriotic and committed to the Niger Republic than to Nigeria, where he is president.

Buhari will retire to the Niger Republic in 2023, according to the former Ohanaeze spokesman, who talked exclusively with DAILY POST.

Ibegbu stated that Buhari’s commitment to the Niger Republic was the driving force behind the decision to build a railway line between Katsina and Maradi.

He recalled how, during Buhari’s time as Military Head of State, he backed a Niger Republic candidate for the African Union Secretary General job over a Nigerian.

Nigeria is currently building a 284-kilometer standard gauge rail connection that will allow Nigeria and Niger Republic to link.

When completed, the $2 billion railway line will link Nigeria with countries in the West African sub-region, promoting trade and commerce.

However, Ibegbu said: “When he was the Military Head of State, there was an opening for the position of the Secretary of the African Union, and instead of supporting his fellow compatriot, Peter Ornu from Nigeria, he supported one Umaru, a Fulani man from Niger Republic as the Head of State of a country.

“So, his loyalty is not to Nigeria, but to Niger Republic, and this is why he is building a rail line worth $2billion from Katsina to Maradi.

“As soon as his tenure ends, he will return to his country which is Niger Republic.

“Mind you, most of the people ruling us are not Nigerians. Sani Abacha is not a Nigerian, he is from Northern Cameroon. Gowon, Obasanjo, IBB, Gen Abubakar are Nigerians but the others are not.”

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