BREAKING: Unknown gunmen attack bullion van in Imo

A bullion van vehicle driving from Mbaise to Owerri, on Thursday was attacked by unknown gunmen in Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo state.

The incident happened at about 02:10 pm at Ogbor Nguru, Nwankwo in Aboh Mbaise LGA in the state.

It was said that the gunmen were after the bullion van thinking it was loaded and conveying cash.

An eyewitness said the unknown gunmen shot sporadically and the driver of the van with two other persons in the bid to escape at high speed tumbled severally.

The driver of the bullion van escaped after the van tumbled severally and ran into about four different vehicles packed at the spot where it happened. It smashed the vehicles as well as destroyed the windows, doors, and windscreens of the vehicles.

According to an eyewitness he said: “A bullion van conveying cash from Owerri to Mbaise was attacked at Ogbo Nguru, in Aboh Mbaise LGA, the bullion van was double-crossed and under serious fire, the vehicle tumbled and destroyed about 4 other cars parked at that area.

“The driver of the bullion van vehicle was able to escape. But his vehicle destroy other people’s vehicles packed in the area. Those vehicles were completely damaged but we thank God the driver was safe. They thought the bullion van was carrying cash. They were going back to Owerri, after their delivery.”

At Press time, security operatives had already arrived at the scene of the incident.

When the Imo state Police Public relations Officer, PPRO, Michael Abattam, was called for the reaction he did not pick up his phone.

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