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BREAKING: Herders Kill 2 In Benue Community, 9 Others Die In Community Clash

This comes only one week after gunmen attacked and killed 27 persons in the Agatu local government area’s Odugbeho hamlet.

According to the Daily Trust, the new deaths took place in Odugbeho and two other rural communities, Aila and Adagbo.

On Sunday night, two individuals were killed in Odugbeho, while the remaining nine people were killed in Aila and Adagbo villages.

The attack on the Odugbeho hamlet, which resulted in the deaths of two individuals, was carried out by suspected armed herders, according to Agatu Council Chairman Adoyi Sule.

According to Sule, armed herders stormed the settlement on Sunday night, killing two individuals and torching 21 homes.

He further revealed that the other nine deaths were caused by a community conflict between the Aila and Adagbo villages, and that eight persons who were injured in the clash are presently being treated in the hospital.

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