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Birthday Celebration: Professor Imumolen Hails Nigerians, Others As Goodwill Messages Continue To Rain , Reassures His Vision For A People Oriented Presidency

Following his birthday celebration yesterday as he became plus one, elated presidential candidate of Accord, Professor Christopher Imumolen, has sent in-depth appreciation to all well wishers who showered prayers and encomiums to make his day blissful.

Obviously elated Imumolen who spoke to media men through a conference call from Abuja expressed his joy and gratitude to Nigerians and other global fans for their raw expression of love through their various goodwill messages and prayers, stressing that these will become great tonic and catalyst for the quest for the Nigerian Presidency to become president for the good of all.

He stated that the unending panegyric words and sterling wishes go a long way to show how much Nigerians love him and wish for his emergence in the ongoing political race.

Accordingly, Imumolen promised to proceed in the struggle for the soul of Nigeria with greater confidence and unflinching trust in the people, knowing that with the support of the masses, victory is sure, stating that the voice of the people is the voice of God.

He therefore stated that his greatest motivation, strength and passion emanate from faith in God Almighty, belief in public alliance and unmitigated desire to heal the world of Nigeria through a people oriented and developmental democracy for all.

“I am one of the present presidential gladiators due to my belief that leadership should grow rather than diminish, build rather than deplore, create rather than destroy, make rather than mar, progress rather than re trogress.

“While not particularly blaming any particular person for the sorry state of our state, I am strongly unhappy that consciously, we refused to pursue the establishment of a system that would have become an unshakable democratic culture that revolves on the pivots of good governance, accountability, equitable resource allocation, statesmanship/patriotism values and unbreakable national integration.

“On this ideology and resolve to sacrificially volunteer as a young patriot for the fight against the enemies of our fledgling democracy I am going about this mission, and I look up to none others than God and the good people of Nigeria for my victory”, Imumolen submitted.

On the state of the nation, he called on all well meaning citizens to see 2023 as a swim or sink point for Nigeria, stressing that it is no time for hypothetical meandering, but rather a time to shun ethnicity, religion and all socio political alliances to face the significant task of taking Nigeria back from all that pose as her enemies.

“Nobody can say that the present national experience is pleasant, and pretending about the unsavoury situation is tantamount to throwing a stone into a market place which can hit one’s relatives, pointing that a typical example is the case of terrorism which began in Borno and spread to everywhere subsequently, situation that now endangers even those who played partisan, ethnic and religion politics about and around it.

“I appeal for the support of all Nigerians towards actualising my “All for All” mantra to restore the national pride of all Nigerians home and in the diaspora.

“There is no me without Nigerians, and I am saying this with the respect of everyone’s belief, religion, creed, education and social leanings in mind.

“I am also imploring us all to reject negative inducements that will only help a few elites and their goons to sustain the poverty, pain and gross disregard for the citizens as presently is the order in this indescribable administration”, Imumolen ended.

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